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We create destinations appreciated for their cleanliness and upkeep.” Be it a corporate environment with just the employees, or be it a retail environment frequented by customers, cleanliness has its own appeal to the occupants. A workplace or a shopping destination that’s high on hygiene, promises higher productivity and higher profits.

Facilities that house corporate or retail setups require several maintenance activities in the absence of which they would look old, dusty and undesirable. The activities include cleanings of glass window panes and doors, floor sweeping and moping, cleaning of carpets and furniture like sofas and chairs, emptying the dustbins regularly, and so on. These maintenance activities ensuring general upkeep of commercial premises have to executed on a regular basis.

Housekeeping Services for Commercial Facilities provides by Action Group are scheduled on daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis as per the nature of the facility. Going beyond traditional surface cleaning, we provide for detailed cleansing, sanitization, as well as sterilization of the premises. We ensure maintenance of high-quality standards through keen supervision of the work of our personnel.

While executing our Housekeeping Services for Corporate and Retail environments we highly regard the impression we make with our clients and/or their visitors.

  • Hotel Cleaning: With a background in F&B and years of experience in this industry we have an in depth understanding of the requirements of the Hospitality Industry. Drawing on this knowledge base, we have designed a special curriculum for “Hotel Cleaning”. Our “Hotel staff” are trained to be courteous, well informed about the property they are deployed in besides the other such prerequisites mentioned above.
  • Commercial Spaces: We have been training our House keeping staff for high end corporate training. They go through the highest level of training before we deploy them to their posts.
  • Corporate Offices: These are professional personnel who have been trained in courteous behaviour and caring. Selected for their experience, skills and discretion they provide the Janitor/ Home Cleaning services to high net worth establishments..
  • House Keeping for Special Events: We also provide our Cleaning/House Keeping services for special events such as fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events etc. (Lady staff are also available).
  • Residential Areas: Specially trained House Keepers/ Sweepers/ Gardeners and support staff for residences are appropriately instructed to provide services at homes and residential areas.
  • Hospital Housekeeping: The biggest challenge in the Hospital cleaning lies in dealing with volumes and yet maintain hygiene. The collection and disposal of garbage is also required to be done as per the mandatory requirements since the garbage includes biological waste besides the inorganic/organic waste. Hospital Housekeeping staff are trained to be courteous and prompt while being well versed in first aid and fire fighting. They have complete knowledge about the layout and facilities of the hospital they are deployed in. Besides the routine Cleaning job, any patient walking into the hospital or being brought in an ambulance will be
  • Cleaning techniques: A specialized faculty drawn from Hotel Industry imparts the best training possible in cleaning various types of surfaces.
  • Handling of technical equipment's : Training is imparted in the handling of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Scrubber and Drier Machines, Single/Three Disc Floor Cleaning Machines and High Rise Building cleaning apparatus.
  • House Keepers: This field is diverse and we have several module. Specialized training is imparted to the staff who are to be deployed in malls, hospitals, hotels, industries, schools, homes etc. Training differs in nature for each segment.